Sandal season is almost here! Have us repair your chipped or broken nails👣

Sandal season is almost here! Have us repair your chipped or broken nails👣

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Individuals have various different lifestyles, including walking styles, footwear choices, and toenail care.  These habits can lead to foot troubles, such as ingrown nails and chipped or broken nails.

Even I, an esthetician, recently found the tips of my big toenails cracked, with deterioration in three nail surface layers, which was probably caused by my own poor habits.  So I asked my co-worker, a nail technician, what I should do.

Of course, as a well-established salon with twenty years in the business, Hello Beauty has many ways and solutions to repair and prevent the problem.  I tried their suggestions.

Chipped and broken nails don’t have enough length to form straight lines, and they are shorter than the sides of toenail beds.  This is what causes portions of layers or thin nail layers to fall off.

If your nails have this condition, you won’t have the normal three nail layers.  As your toenails grow, they naturally get chipped easily.  This results in a vicious circle. 

To improve this situation or solve the problem, the nails can be covered with acrylic nails or gel nails until healthy layers of nails grow to the tip of toenail beds.  Once the toenails grow longer than their beds, you can start to clip them.  Repeating this process is the first step.

Protective procedures allow toenails to grow until they never chip.  Then you can file the toes nails using a nail file at a 45-degree angle.  You also need to moisturize toes to prevent dryness. This will leave you with very strong and healthy toenails that don’t easily get chipped.

In longer winter nights, take a little bit more time to treat your toes, the same way you approach your facial treatment at home.  You will soon notice a big difference in your toes. 

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