Hello Beauty Nail Salon👍Here are the top five reasons we have so many return customers:


Top Five Reasons Our Customers Keep Returning

Here are the top five reasons we have so many return customers:

1. Our Techniques
Hello Beauty is a seven-time top-ten finisher in the Long Beach NAILPRO Competition in Long Beach, California,
including five first-place finishes! We can offer you the most current trends in technique and design.

2. Our Designs
We have 180+ art designs to choose from, and we can offer suggestions based on your needs.

3. Our Quality
We offer long-lasting manicures and provide thorough nail care.

4. Our Owner
Taeko speaks English and Japanese, and can help English speaking customers convey their needs and wants
to our technicians.

5. Our Customers' Satisfaction
Our customers have ranked us in surveys with a 96% satisfaction rating. In fact, more than fifty of our customers have continued returning to us for more than ten years.

About Hello Beauty

Hello Beauty has been providing high-quality nail services in Nagoya since 2000. Our goal is to offer our customers
"omotenashi"—beautiful hospitality—in a relaxed atmosphere. We consider nails to be a type of accessory,
like jewelry on your fingers. From cute to elegant, from basic manicure care to custom work with hand-painted nail
art, Hello Beauty offers a full range of services. At Hello Beauty you can experience top-quality techniques and
hospitality from highly trained technicians. The owner, Taeko, is bilingual in English and Japanese, and can help you
convey your needs and preferences. We also offer suggestions based on your personal style or occasion. Please feel
free to tell us your requests.